Sarmap: Innovative, Sophisticated, and Simple-to-Use Earth Observation Solutions

Dr. Paolo Pasquali, President & Technical Director, SarmapDr. Paolo Pasquali, President & Technical Director
The demands for Earth observation solutions have recently spiked across various, global industries with respect to the scientific, social, economic, and political value such innovations proffer. They play the increasingly important role of procuring data to monitor, study, analyse, and understand the Earth and its environment more comprehensively. With scope for a wide range of geopolitical applications, obtaining Earth observation data in particular, has become a critical factor in driving such fervent demand. However, providing information-driven, dependable solutions that accurately deliver on the market’s expectations are not always easily accessible. Swiss-based Sarmap, on the other hand, intends to disrupt the space with its expansive remote sensing data solutions.

Founded in 1998, Sarmap strives to develop and provide customized, sophisticated, yet easy-to-use Earth observation solutions that generate digital information of the Earth system while ensuring technical and economic benefits for its clients. The company leverages cutting-edge sensor technology in tandem with traditional business principles, such as dependability, mutually trusting and respectful partnerships. Sarmap is backed by its state-of-the-art infrastructure integrated with the latest Earth observation equipment, empowering the firm to successfully serve agricultural, defence, and space agencies over the past two decades. It is interesting to note that the demands for statistical numbers of enterprise-wide productivity is higher than the delivery of real-time data in the agricultural industry.
The company presents the market with its SARscape software, a modular set of functions that supports every spaceborne and chosen airborne SAR data. Its solution is built to acquire data in a variety of methods including single or dual channel, interferometric (single- or repeat-pass), polarimetric, and stereo mode by merging interferometric and polarimetric acquisition modes. Sarmap’s SARscape Analytics Toolbox is a set of incredibly well defined procedures for processing SAR data and generating thematic and quantitative maps or point data. In the absence of ground control points, the primary challenges for autonomous digital elevation model (DEM) creation is the absolute calibration of the interferometric phase, which is required to determine the absolute height. To address this issue, Sarmap created the airborne interferometric SAR Processor, including various phase calibration methods as well as a three antennae interferometric solutions.

“We are involved in research projects to maintain the lead through the competency that we are trying to push for since the beginning of our company in 1998,” says Francesco Holecz, CEO of Sarmap. The company aspires a wide-spread adoption of the SAR technology currently being utilized for research in a variety of operational and production industries. In order to exceed its clients’ expectations, Sarmap tailors its software and systems to address their individual demands.
  • We are involved in research projects to maintain the lead through the competency that we are trying to push for since the beginning of our company in 1998

Sarmap always emphasizes that its software is highly operational, with a more advanced software designed specifically for research purposes. Its product line is well-known in the industry for its reliability, accuracy, and compatibility with the most recent algorithms. The company ensures to build a collaborative relationship through each engagement and leverages its large network of partners to design the best-suited technologies that best suit a user’s functionalities. When it comes to constructing crucial information to carry out activities, the focus has always been on fulfilling deadlines. Topography, land displacement, RIICE, Enhanced Pollution Monitoring (EPM), and transparent forests are among the company's primary products and services. Sarmap also excels at helping improve disaster management activities as well

With such strong capabilities and an automated target recognition simulation leveraging deep learning in development, Sarmap is set to disrupt the Earth observation domain. Moving forward, the company plans on fully maximising its in-depth experience to continually cater to every clients’ sophisticated needs cost-effectively and sustainably.
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Caslano, Switzerland

Dr. Paolo Pasquali, President & Technical Director and Francesco Holecz, CEO

Developing products and services which are focused across Topograph, Land Displacement, RIICE, EPM, and Transparent Forests.