Peak Technology GmbH: Lightweight Designs for Efficient Flight

Dieter Grebner, founder and CEO of Peak Technology, Peak Technology GmbHDieter Grebner, founder and CEO of Peak Technology
The aviation industry is one of the top emitters of greenhouse gases today, and international civil aviation organisations are aiming for a fifty per cent reduction in emission by the end of 2050. Developing technologies that harness renewable energy sources efficiently can accelerate the process to achieve the target emission goals. In aviation, an effective way to improve energy efficiency is by reducing structural mass such that the aircraft requires lesser thrust for flight, in turn minimising fuel usage. Additionally, lower fuel consumption also curtails the carbon footprint, improves flight performance, and reduces the cost of operation. Peak Technology is an Austria-based aerospace and motorsports components manufacturer that offers innovative technologies with high-performance standards at affordable prices, empowering companies to achieve lean, effective, and lightweight designs.

The company was founded in 2007 with the vision to develop lightweight composite components to meet the growing demand in the motorsport and aerospace industry for more fuel-efficient vehicles. Starting its journey with Formula One race cars, Peak Technology soon entered the aerospace sector and offered its clients design services, documentation, and product manufacturing. Over the past years, Peak Technology has become one of the leaders in its market, working with the most renowned space clients and is a reliable partner for supranational space organizations. Dieter Grebner, founder and CEO of Peak Technology, sharing his view on the company’s success, says, “We seized the market by providing the best components in term of weight, leadtime and price. To stay successful in the industry, we ensure that our high standards are kept by conducting in-house engineering and analyses.“
Today, the firm has in-house engineering and manufacturing facilities that swiftly develop high-quality, lightweight, and compact equipment. It creates lightweight tanks for launchers and spacecraft, manufactures components and equipment made of fibre composites that satisfy product requirements such as high-pressure storage capacity. Elaborating on these technologies, Dieter Grebner, founder and CEO of Peak Technology, adds, “We carry out all engineering processes in-house, and we design and develop products for the space, aviation and motorsport industries. We also conduct in-house element analyses and stress analyses that ensure high performance of these components.” Housing engineering and production facilities under one roof, the company fosters transparent and effective inter-departmental communications that ensure accuracy in product development processes. Complementing these products are the various services that Peak Technology offers, such as conception/preliminary development, delta qualifications and developments, structural simulation, and prototyping. Though there are several challenges in the aerospace industry, the biggest issue today is the demisability of launchers and spacecraft, and Peak Technology is offering solutions that help companies overcome this obstacle.

Peak Technology has developed fully demisable tanks for launchers and spacecraft and is the only firm in the world to offer such products. Elaborating on this, Mr Grebner adds, “This is the result of the cooperation between our engineers and the production facility. We have significant internal test programmes regarding the materials we use, and ensure that the products are lightweight and offer very high performance.” In addition to these tanks, the firm offers a comprehensive package that includes other components such as pressure regulators and propellant storage systems. A vital reason behind Peak Technology’s success in developing such groundbreaking technologies is its work culture. “We have a very open-minded and skilled team that is focused on fast development processes and high quality products. This is the main aspect that drives us to push our technological limits and offer top-level solutions,” adds Mr Grebner. Apart from being driven by innovation, Peak Technology also practices a customer-centric approach and prioritises quality over quantity.

During client onboarding, the company forms a concept engineering team—a dedicated group that conducts comprehensive discussions regarding the clients’ requirements. The team then aligns clients’ requisites with Peak Technology’s offerings and plans a development process, followed by development and testing phases. The company quickly delivers the solutions to its clients, owing to its streamlined development processes. Apart from fast delivery, Peak Technology also envisions mastering the development of green alternatives for the aerospace sector. As Mr Grebner concludes, “We currently aim at expanding our company’s footprint to the APAC and U.S. markets. We are pushing technological limits on hydrogen propulsion systems and developing storage systems for liquid hydrogen for the future. And we will continue to offer our innovative solutions to our customers.”
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Peak Technology GmbH

Holzhausen bei Wels, Austria

Dieter Grebner, founder and CEO of Peak Technology

Peak Technology manufactures lightweight and durable components for the aerospace and motorsports sectors. The firm combines groundbreaking innovations in fibre composite lightweight structures with solid craftsmanship. This combination has turned the company into one of the world's most impressive high-tech manufactories in the field of development and production of lightweight parts. Working in close cooperation with its customers, Peak Technology creates individual, flexible and highly innovative solutions that pass from initial prototypes to production readiness in record time.

Peak Technology GmbH

"We seized the market by providing the best components in term of weight, leadtime and price. To stay successful in the industry, we ensure that our high standards are kept by conducting in-house engineering and analyses"

- Dieter Grebner, founder and CEO of Peak Technology